Here is a link to the Portland Audubon society’s Cats and wildlife essay:
This is well written and strong encouragement to keep our pet kitties inside whenever possible.

One danger to outdoor cats are our urban coyotes. Coyotes generally eat small rodents. However, they will take cats who are outdoors. Sadly, I have discovered the remains of a client’s cat who was killed by a coyote. It is something I will never forget and not a pleasant way for a beloved pet to meet their end.

Read through the Audubon Society’s essays and brochures. I will be adding ideas to the blog and our website about keeping cats entertained indoors.



July 28, 2009

I saw one on this hot night on Fairmont. It was a skinny one who stood under a street lamp. Possibly a juvenile without developed hunting skills. I am not afraid, ever, but there is a thrill of excitement and  a possible undercurrent of instinctual  concern at seeing a predator on the street. I am grateful to them for eating rodents (please spend more time at my house-rats) but less time eating cats.  

Dear friends, please keep your kitties indoors. I see coyotes at all times of day right here all over SW Portland as do my other pet sitting friends. I don’t know why we see them so often except we are tuned into animals and might notice them as well as being out and about all day, every day. They are here and they will take cats.